30 topics in 30 days

By admin

Welcome to the 30 topics page!

Everyday for the next 30 days I will be adding a new interesting topic that relates to math. Each topic may relate to a different one or be completely different. Thats about all there is to it so lets get started.

1. How numbers are formed.


Where on Earth did we get our shapes for numbers? This is a great first topic to start out with! These numbers are called the Arabic numbers, but not because they were made by the Arabic people back in the day, but instead because they showed the Western cultures what these numbers were. The true creators of these numbers can be traced back to the India, and they had developed an amazing way of creating numbers that was vastly superior to what the romans had. Their brilliant method was to give each number from 0 – 9 a different shape, but the number would be represented by how many angles it had that were < 90º( as shown in the picture above).

This number system was so much more efficient  than the roman numeral system that western societies began to switch over which explains a similarity in numbers between many romantic languages, and of course the Middle East and India. Now you can understand why the way are numbers look the way they do and how they do not change depending on how big they get unlike the roman numeral system which is extremely complicated and much harder to understand and remember than Arabic numbers.

2. The Roman Numerals


Since having just discussed Arabic numerals it only seems fair that I introduce Roman numerals next. Their system was much more complicated than the Arabic one, and is most likely the reason for why we don’t use it today.

3. Bitcoin

I feel like this is a great video for everyone who wants to learn something about a new form of currency in the world, Bitcoin. This video is a speech from two great Bitcoin speakers and one of them (in my opinion) is one of the smartest men in the world. If you have spare time you should most definitely watch this video. I promise you will not regret it.