Math in League of Legends

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League of Legends is a MOBA ( Massive Online Battle Arena) game that is completely free. It involves picking a team of 5 champions ( characters that you can use ) that go into an arena and work together to destroy objectives while there is an opposing team trying to do the same. League of Legends requires you to be able to think fast, smart, and strategically. Despite being a “sport” ( League of Legends is an e-sport which is a game that has extremely competitive/ professional teams and series.) it requires no physical strength in order to play.



League of Legends has a ranked system that unlocks at level 30. It consists of 7 major tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Challenger ( This is an older image that only hasn’t added Master tier). All of those tiers consist of ¬†5 smaller divisions inside of them except for Master and Challenger which are a bit different. In order to get put into a tier and division you play a series of provisional matches. Based on your performance in those matches you will then be placed inside a division within a tier. Lets say for example that you get placed in Bronze 2 (from 5 -> 1).

In order to go from Bronze 2 to Bronze 1 you would have to complete two steps. The first step is to achieve 100 LP (ladder points). You get LP from winning ranked matches. How many LP you receive depends on what your MMR (match making ranking), which is what pairs you up with your partners and opponents for your ranked match, is and what level your opponents was. If you had a lower MMR than the enemy did then you would get more LP for winning and lose less for losing. If your MMR was higher than the enemy’s then you would receive a smaller amount of LP for winning and lose a larger amount for losing. Once you get 100 LP you are entered into a division series. This series will record your next three ranked games, and you must win two out of the three or else you will be set back into the ladder with anywhere from 90 to 50 LP based on your performance in series.

Once you advance to Bronze 1 things become slightly different. Once you enter your Promotional series you must win 3 out of 5 ranked games instead of 2 out of 3.

This is the way the tier system works all the way up to Master.  Once you enter Master things become a little bit different. There are no more divisions, but instead Master is connected to Challenger. Both tiers can only hold 200 people maximum so once a player completes their diamond 1 promos the lowest player in master will be removed. In order to get out of Master you must continue to gain LP until you are in the top 20 players. Master and Challenger have their scores checked for who is in the top 20 every 24 hours, and also if have been inactive for more than 7 days while you are in Challenger then you will be demoted to Master regardless of how much LP you have.